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GMP understands its employees are the driving force and core foundation by which a company builds an impenetrable infrastructure of success and sustainability. Our strength lies in an equitable, fiduciary relationship built on trust, transparency, and mutually shared objectives.
The GMP workplace culture is employee-centered, with a suite of employee benefits and programs, designed to reinforce the basic principles and belief, that every employee has value, deserves earned recognition and opportunity for growth; and most importantly – the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
The GMP workplace is diverse, cohesive, and inclusive, made up of an industrious, insightful, and powerful body of resilient workers, independent thinkers, pragmatic planners, persistent pioneers, and conscientious collaborators. This dynamic and eclectic mix is passionate, highly skilled, and motivated, resulting in the production of high quality, authentic and innovative products, marketing strategies and campaigns, tailored to meet the growing needs and demands of today’s expansive, dietary supplemental industry.


At GMP, the Human Resources Department partners with the employee to assist him/her in defining their roles and objectives, developing short- and long-term customized career goals and plans. The Human Resources Department then guides and navigates the employee on their professional journey, collaborating with departments along the way, making sure the employee stays focused and engaged, providing all the necessary tools, resources and support for that employee to be happy, productive and successful, which is what we all want- at the end of the day.


To the prospective candidate, consider the following when seeking employment:

  1. Are you seeking a job or a career?
  2. What is most important in your employment search:
  1. Competitive Wages
  2. Opportunity for Advancement
  3. Work Environment
  4. All three
If you are seeking a career with a company that offers competitive wages, growth opportunities, a diverse and supportive workplace and employee-focused environment, serious consideration should be given to GMP. Because we are confident in what we have to offer as an employer, we encourage all applicants to do their due diligence with other employers to see which one is the right fit for their respective career goals and objectives.


The contact person, Rosalind Marshall, should be listed with telephone number

714-630-2467, ext. 1241 and email address