Liquids Manufacturing

We have a state-of-the-art cold filled liquid facility. Cold-filled means we must use preservatives like potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate to prevent bacterial growth within your product’s shelf life. However, if the product is an oil-based formula, preservatives are not needed. The most common oil bases are MCT and vegetables.   

We are ready to make your Flavored Omega-3 Fish Oil, Enhanced Vitamin Water, ready to drink (RTD) beverages,  Liquid Shooters, Energy Drinks, Joint Support Liquids, Vitamin/Mineral Liquids, Elderberry Supplements, Antioxidant Berry Juice Blends and more.

We can source a wide variety of bottle sizes ranging from 10ml all the way up to 1 gallon. You have the option of going with plastic or glass depending on your packaging specifications.

We also have the capability of heating our liquid tanks while mixing your formula before cooling and bottling. This is not hot-filled but an option of heating/mixing your formula if required due to the viscosity of some raw materials like syrups.

In this ever-demanding health and fitness market, more and more customers are looking for better bioavailability & absorption which is why liquid supplements are growing. Another issue avoided with liquid supplementation is the difficulties some people (particularly young children and older adults) have with swallowing tablets or capsules. Therefore, liquid forms of supplementation are superior to tablets or capsules.

Our R&D team is here to help get you the best tasting product on the market!  To discuss your specific product needs, contact us.

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