Special Formulations

We can formulate tablets in the following formats – Rapid Release, Sustained Release, Timed Release, Lozenge, Sublingual, and Chewable.


We have the capacity to produce over 500 million tablets monthly!

Hard Shell Capsules

We have the capacity to produce over 400 million monthly!  Sizes Available “00”, “0”, “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”.


Aqueous Coating Systems – We offer Clear Film, Color Coating, and Enteric Coating with pH control.

Power Blends

V-Blenders, Planetary Mixers, Ribbon Blenders – One shift alone can blend over 10,000 kg of powder.  We use proper cGMP blending methods to ensure entirely homogenous blends.


We have the ability to manufacture Liquid Dietary Supplements, Energy Shots, Syrups, Flavored Omega-3 Fish Oil, Essential Oils, Powder/Liquid Suspensions, Nutrient Enhanced Vitamin Water, Oxygenated Water, Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Beverages, Liquid Shooters, Energy Drinks, Joint Support Liquid, Mineral Liquids, Amino Acid Supplements, Antioxidant Berry Juice Blends and more.

GMP Laboratories