Pilot Batches

Pilot Batches

Pilot-BatchesAllow our R&D Department to turn your product concept into reality. Our pilot batches are free with the purchase of a full production batch of the pilot formula.

We can also separately initiate R&D/pilot batches to work on a formulation before proceeding with a complete order. Once we have finalized a formula, the full order is then much quicker to process as the formula is finalized, including the amount and choice of your product’s excipients.

Our quotation process involves the GMP Labs Sales and Manufacturing team to best approximate the required excipients for your tablet or capsule product. Pilot batches are where we take your active ingredient profile and our best approximation of the excipients needed and make the product come to life. Through the tablet/capsule pilot process, we can lock in on what exact excipients are needed to make the powder blends flow efficiently, fill up the capsule entirely, figure out which size tablet works best for the formula, and ensure that we have locked in a suitable formula.

Since compressing powders and making sure they flow correctly is a science, we sometimes have to make adjustments to the excipients we use. The GMP Labs Sales team will always keep you updated on our progress and get your approval for any modifications we need to make.

As most customers do not know the specific flavor and sweetener amounts needed for their formula, GMP Labs offers assistance in conducting R&D on powders to match the flavor and nutrition profile you require. With over 20+ years of experience in flavoring products, GMP Labs is a “one-stop-shop” for flavor R&D, where we can help you avoid the additional cost of having your products flavored by a flavoring company.

Whether you need a strawberry lemonade or pumpkin pie flavor, GMP Labs can flavor any combination you desire. We also have extensive experience ensuring your product follows specific dietary requirements. We can guide you by using flavors and sweeteners that follow Keto, sugar-free, paleo, vegan, and other dietary restrictions.

As GMP Labs is a cold-fill liquid facility, our pilot process is a bit extensive to ensure we provide you with a product that has your required taste and texture, as well as a product that will be shelf-stable.  Learn more about our Liquids Manufacturing services.

Our R&D liquid process follows two steps:

  1. We will work with you to take your active ingredient profile and create a flavor, sweetener, and preservative system for your product. We have extensive experience bringing to life liquid dietary supplement products such as: liquid multivitamins, Vitamin D drops, Elderberry liquids, Fruit Juice Supplement blends, Calcium liquids, and many more.

  2. After we have the flavor locked in on a product, we then run the product through a USP51 Preservative Effectiveness study. This test, through a 3rd part lab, takes approximately 6-weeks and ensures that the preservative system we utilized will not grow microbes in your liquid.

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