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In the following tabs, you will be taken step by step through the production process that every product manufactured by GMP Labs must undergo.


The first stage in the manufacturing process of any given product is the receipt of materials required in production.

At GMP Laboratories of America, we only use the finest materials to ensure your products meet our superior standards. This applies to the ingredients used in the product itself, along with packaging and various other raw materials.

Quality Control

After new materials have been received, they are quarantined until the Quality Control department can sample the materials and ensure they meet specifications. A number of tests, including microbiological testing for pathogens, are then completed. Only after the quality of materials is verified can those materials be released for use.

Weighing & Blending

With production ready to begin, weighing materials according to the formulation of each product is the first step taken. Amounts for each ingredient are measured on our precision scales, which are calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy. The blending stage takes place immediately after the weighing of ingredients.

Blends are produced according to strict guidelines, set forth in our SOP, in our V-type blenders, ribbon blenders, and planetary mixers to ensure homogeneity. Powder products move directly from the blending stage into packaging.


After the completion of a powder blend, the product moves forward to the production areas. Where exactly it goes depends upon the specific product.

Capsules & Tablets

Coating & Polishing



One of the distinct advantages gained from using GMP Laboratories is our ability to meet all of your company’s production needs. This includes packaging services, and GMP Labs offers many varieties.

Filling small and large cans, bottles, packets, blister cards, and powder pouches is not a problem. Learn more about our Packaging services.

We can meet your needs for nearly any size or configuration requirements you have, so simply contact us about your specific packaging needs.


Quality Control Phase 2

Before any product is shipped from our facility, it is scrutinized in the laboratory to ensure it meets specification. Dissolution, disintegration, friability, and stability tests are just a few of the many tests completed at this point.


Once your products have been packaged and readied to ship, they are moved into our finished product storage area. GMP Laboratories is one of the few contract manufacturers on the west coast that offers climate controlled finished product storage.

This ensures your products will remain in pristine condition until the moment they are shipped from our facility. We also have a 200 cubic foot walk-in refrigeration unit used for the storage of Probiotics and other items that require refrigeration.


The last top on our tour is the shipping department. Here, fully completed products are palletized according to your specifications, and then shipped using the carrier of your choice.

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