GMP Laboratories of America Aces cGMP Audit

Jun 15, 2011 | News

The Facilities Score 93/100 and are Now Officially Recognized as cGMP Compliant by Silliker

Anaheim, CA— June 15, 2011 — GMP Laboratories of America, Inc., has announced the successful completion of a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) audit conducted by Silliker, Inc. on May 5th, 2011. This certification establishes GMP Laboratories’ continued pursuit of excellence in manufacturing quality products for their customers.  GMP Labs has been independently audited and certified cGMP compliant facility by the NSF, NPA, and now Silliker. The company holds a Drug Manufacturing License issued by the State of California Food and Drug Branch and is registered as a Drug Establishment with the FDA.

“As a testament to our high standards of excellence, we are proud to be accredited with Silliker’s cGMP certification,” said Suhail Ishaq, President of GMP Laboratories of America. “I am very proud of our team here, who make GMP’s dedication to quality products a daily focus. It is a great feat for all of us to see our quality culture culminate into this achievement. GMP has not just been our name for the last 17 years; it has represented our dedication towards manufacturing quality products.”

GMP Laboratories of America successfully completed the “Silliker Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety Systems Audit” which was conducted pursuant to regulations established under 21 CFR Part 111. Requirements of the standard include: Food Safety Systems, Quality Systems, Grounds; Building and Equipment, Pest Control, Employee Practices, Receiving; Storage and Shipping, Plant Sanitation, Processing, and Food Defense.

Silliker conducted its extensive audit at both of GMP Laboratories state-of-the art facilities (one of which solely produces liquid products) in Anaheim, California where the company offers a complete range of manufacturing and packaging services such as high speed tablet compression, hard shell encapsulation, soft gel encapsulation, liquid RTD (ready-to-drink) beverages, product development, and powdered drink mix blends, cosmetic creams, lotions, and serums, blister card packaging, bottle packaging, and packet packaging.


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